Last night when I was perusing blogs I saw the spider out of the corner of my eye on the corner of the wall. I decided to let it be for a bit.Side note: I try to let spiders live (especially daddy long legs). I even went so far as to let one live the whole time I was in grad school in my bedroom because he ate those pesky scout ants. I even gave him a name Norman (After Norman Mailer) . But then at the end of my grad career Norman Mailer came to campus and when I came back after the talk ( talk about timing)  Norman the spider decided that he was being adventurous and left my room and was squashed by my roommate. Poor Norman, hope you are well.

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 I then went to youtube because I was taking a break and was watching Green Day’s “St. Jimmy” from the bullet in the bible. Anyway the spider started to creep forward until it was on the spot on the wall not to far from me and sat there for most of the song. If he or she came on the desk it was toast. (Sorry little Spidey) So after Greenday I was in an upbeat poppish type of mood so I played “get ready for it” “Upside Down” by A*Teens. (Corny I know, but itis so catchy) Anywhoo, as soon as the song came on Spidey whizzed up the wall and into the farthest corner of the room. So then I played Mary J. Blige and U2’s version of “One” and Spidey came back to me and then I played the Spice Girls, “Wannabe” and it ran for the hills.

So I guess the moral of the story is if you want to keep at bay European pop you must play!