I was not tagged but wanted to play so here is mine. Hope no one minds! For those who are not aware of this exercise I first learned about this from Michael Stephen’s Tame the web  blog. Pretty much the blogsignment (see I made up my own word) is to “Post a picture from a source like FlickrCC or Flickr Creative Commons or make/take your own that captures what YOU are most passionate about for kids to learn about…and give your picture a short title” Then tag five others to keep the quilt going. However, everyone I read already had an entry ( I am fairly new to the blogging community) so I have not tagged anyone. (sorry!)

flexible guy!

Be Flexible

Fact: I am 24 years old. fact: I guess that makes me a millennial. Fact: Many of us are afflicted with the dreaded quarterlife crisis (yes it does exist). Fact: We sometimes feel as though every minute of our life is planned out! (Sorry, suddenly the Lysol commercials were popping up in my head 🙂 ) Last month I was sitting in Barnes and Noble in one of those insanely comfy chairs ( the ones you can curl into a ball and fall asleep in) and one of my buddies was in the next chair over from me and she was reading a book. In the other two chairs that made up a little square were these two teenage girls who looked to be either juniors or seniors in high school and they were discussing their lives. One said, “I know exactly  where I am going to be in five years.” My friend wanted to roll her eyes so badly and later was lamenting on that sentiment. She along with many of my other friends are planners and now that things are not planning out exactly how they like, it is as if their world comes crashing down, and that somehow they have failed as human beings. I often notice that students I work with self destruct if a class, test, or thing in their personal life does not go the way they planned.  I also notice that if students choose a database or a type a term in the catalog and it does not work they think the library does not have anything. I try to tell them to look around and experiment and they will be amazed at what they find.The truth is things are not going to always go as they planned but it is important to realize that it is okay. Believe me I fully expected to be working a full time job and not two part time jobs after grad school, but I have met some really great people and have had some amazing opportunities for personal and professional growth. I had this biology professor once always encourage us to step off the treadmill every once and a while and examine other options. He said we all have tendencies to stay on the treadmill with tunnel vision and miss everything around us. Pretty much he told us to breathe.

 I would like to instill in students the idea of when life closes a door, look for a window, which can be a window of opportunity. When they take that window they can do even more amazing things than they ever dreamed. I think the only thing you can really plan is to plan to be surprised!