Libraries are AWESOME Places…


Over the last week I have read so many examples of outreach events that libraries are doing. All I can think is how creative us library people are. I mean a mini golf course in the library! How COOL is that! Discarded books as art! Students serving as models for PR? Are you kidding me?


Her are some of the fantastic ideas: (I am shaking with excitement)


  • Monster energy drinks and other foodstuffs in conjunction with writing center and health and wellness center. I’m on my library high!
  • Librarian bakers extraordinaire bake cookies and get donations such as coffee, hot chocolate, and tea from the dining center. Now that is a sweet collaboration!
  • Poker/Scavenger Hunt where each item found gets a hand at poker and the best hand wins. I bet that gets a full house
  • Murder in the library! This is a mystery type hunt with the students broken into teams and they solve the mystery. I guess you can never trust those librarians!
  • Book cart races. What else is there to say?
  • Students making their own READ posters. I’m ready for my close-up!
  • A blank wall serving as a graffiti canvas for artists. Amazing!
  • A palm reader, belly dancing lessons, pizza/drinks, and pop a shot. I see information literacy in your futureJ
  • Amazing Library Race where students do activities to win prizes while learning about the library. There are no losers in this marathon.
  • Stress busters. At the end of the semester putting out coloring books, games, and all sorts of things to calm the kids down. I can hear the campus calming down now!


Last but certainly not least is what we did at one of my places of employment. We got candy, cookies, and some music and had an art book raffle on the Friday of library week. We only have about 140 students and 70 (yes 50% of the population) came to the event. We are very blessed because our students love the library and love books. When they came in, they said if there is free stuff I am here! We do not have a big area so 70 people in our library makes it quite full. The tables were all filled plus the 2 side rooms, plus the floor, and the floor in the stacks. To get anywhere you had to step around students (we were in heaven). My coworker and I who planned it were like on some type of high we were so excited. Faculty even showed up and said they had a really great time! Faculty and students were asking us what we are going to do next year. I smell pirates…


I feel so lucky to be in a field where people are so creative and passionate for what they do! J