In a few weeks I it will be one year from my grad school graduation. It means then it tis time to reflect, and after reading Meredith’s blog (The Monkey song) there is no time like the present. Currently, I am working 2 part time jobs and it is an interesting thing working part time. In one job I am technically classified as a clerk even though I work alone most of the time and do many librarian duties. The other job I have a librarian title. Being a part time librarian can be interesting because you are a librarian but you are not faculty. Ergo, you do not have the same requirements as faculty (scholarship, committees, and interaction with faculty members) and are usually there for a purpose. (In my case it is to sit at the reference desk) After reading about new librarian involvement I can say that other part time librarians use their part time status as a reason for not getting involved in the profession. (I don’t have time, library organizations are too expensive, they do not pay me enough.)To be honest part time status can make getting involved a little stickier (not impossible) but stickier. There are questions that arise because of part time status. Am I stepping on someone else’s toes? Am I doing too much? Will this disrupt the hierarchy? Will my ideas be considered because I am not faculty? Will other faculty respond to my ideas? Do I have the time to carry this out? Will I be here long enough to carry it out? Questions and concerns can crush you, but at the end of the day the only question that is important is “Why did I become a librarian?” My answer to that one is that I love students and want to improve their educational experience through the library. Knowing that gives me the ability to go around the obstacles I face and get involved so I can help those students succeed.