Sometimes I read articles just for fun and then the other day I came across many articles about women’s princess complexes. At the end of next year there will be a new Disney movie out called, “The Princess and the Frog,” which is set in New Orleans. There was a big brouhaha about the fact that the main character Tiana (used to be Maddie) was going to be a chambermaid. (not the smartest idea for Diney’s first african american princess) Anywhoo, thinking about jobs here is what I think the different heroines would have chosen for a profession.

Snow White: I think she would have been a teacher with her skills with shorter people and animals. Just look at her storytelling skills and musical ability!

Jasmine: I think she would have gone into politics with her ability to go out to the people and see outside of her ivory tower.

Sleeping Beauty: I think she would have been an actress with her dramatic ways and her penchant for dancing with animals.

Cinderella: She would have been a fashion designer. Look at all the cute little clothes she made for the mousies and birdies.

Pocahontas: Environmentalist for sure. She would have been lobbying congress to go green for years. (maybe she was from the beginning?)

Mulan: She would have been in the leadership in the military.

And of course since this is a librarian blog…

Belle so would have been a librarian. She probably fell in love with beast because of that humungous library!