Lately I have been using the phrase “I’ll figure it out” Before I was in grad school I was so sure of what type of work I would be doing, but now I am not so sure. If you had told me I would be cataloging, doing circulation, playing around with systems, doing statistics and ILL to boot I would have told you, you were a wild and crazy guy (or gal). Sometimes one of my bosses ( I work two part time jobs) will come up to me and say do you know how to do this? (Make a wiki, do ILL, find out why the computer is making the sound of a wookie) I will say I don’t but I’m sure I can figure it out, and I have (miraculously). It used to drive me crazy when people in grad school would say in tech or cataloging classes that they only have to get through the course and will never use any of the information anyway. To be honest I have used more information out of those classes than I have me reference courses. Sheesh! The other day someone asked me how I am faring in my library career and I told her I was figuring it out.