Okay, I know the title is corny but I came across this article on a listserv I am on. Jessica Hupp wrote an article called “25 Useful Social Networking Tools for Librarians” which talks about all different sites that librarians can connect to patrons and each other. Some I had heard about (myspace, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, PBwiki, Del.icio.ous, Meebo, and Ning) and others I had not. I am still in the process of seeing what they do.

Footnote : is a site that lets people upload their original documents for others to see. There are a ton of photos and documents and it is free for a basic membership, but be cautioned because many photos and documents are only for paying members. There is also a feature for people to attach little annotations to the image.  The site does make it difficult if you don’t have the premium package. 

Stumbleupon: allows you to browse and see what others are looking at as well. You set up a profile and state your interests and the site looks for things for you.

Lib.rario.us  Kind of a combination of Library thing and Del.icio.ous. This is a site that allows cataloging of favorite books but unlike Library thing it is totally free.  All you do is look up something, it looks it up on Amazon and when you click on the image it types in the ASIN number for you and you can write a review and rate it. Then it adds it to your collection. A neat feature about this website is that it allow you to transfer it to an excel document so you can print it out for your records.

Teachertube: A teacher version of Youtube! Yes it does exist.  When I type in libraries, a few videos come up by Dr. Looney which include librarian parodies of American Idol and Blind Date.  This is a useful site because it pares down the videos to only instructional videos that education type people can search.

Whew! With so many options we librarians can at least try to be connected.  “We hope.”