Ever notice that people approach fines differently. Over the past semester I had to collect fines I noticed a few different responses. Some respond by embarrassment “Oh, my god I can’t believe I had a fine, I’m so sorry.” Then others respond in anger “the library has enough money this is a racket!” Then there are others who respond in disbelief, “I know I brought it back, I just know it, I could not possibly have forgotten so can you get rid of it?” Then there are those who understand the system and just pay the fine “I know I should have returned it on time and here is the money.” The last groups are the ones who understand the responsibility of bringing back the books on time and if they forget they pay it. If you are reading this, we in the library world love you! But do you know who we love the most? People who bring the things back on time! We don’t want to charge fines, but if we do not, then things would never get returned and then patrons could not use our resources. I have always thought about the concept of changing the names of fines to late fees like video rentals, but library fines are engrained into people’s minds. Maybe the library staff should walk around campus with shirts that say (on the front) Bring It… (on the back) Back to the Library. In a perfect world no books would be late and there would be no fines, but obviously it is not. Students would not like it if we took something of theirs and did not return it. Everything has consequences, if they did not return something of their buddy’s, that student would hound his friend constantly. With academia at least their grades and transcripts would be held. We have an agreement that needs to be upheld. May be we should have a billboard that says, “Return or Get Burned.”