I know people will disagree but I love the end of the semester . ESR is what I like to call the end of the semester rush, which is a drug. ESR sends faculty, staff, librarians, and especially students into a tizzy twice a year. Sure there is a lot of stress but I love the hustle and bustle. ESR sends you into a different frame of mind when helping people. For some it is a frustrating time because the students and faculty are at their last rope, but I think the most important thing for librarian and library staff to remember is too not take their ranting too personally. Maybe it is because I just finished college and grad school and was one of those undergrad students who left everything until the last minute.  (I did not stop until the end of my sophomore year when I got extensions for every class and needed to do 15 papers in 2 weeks. That was the point where I learned the fact that it is easier to do stuff on time.) At that point you would get testy with the Mother Teresa just because you come to the realization that if you don’t work at a suicidal pace then you might not pass and then you have to retake everything and may lose your scholarship, get kicked out of college, disappoint your family, never get a steady job…. and etc. ESR is a drug, it can send you to that ultimate low where you want to smash something, but on the other hand can send you to an almost euphoric high. ESR can provide a great opportunity for librarians to show what we are really made of. There have been times where I have helped a student at the 12th hour and that student comes back the next semester and gets help throughout the semester and not just at the tail end. (Now not this does not always happen and sometimes the student gets extremely mad and blames everything in earshot and sight, but we live for the successes, don’t we?) The effects of ESR can be long lasting, and my only hope for each semester is that the students I helped will finish and start clean next semester.