It is the end of the semester and everyone seems to be learning new things. The faculty and students learn how soon the semester comes to a close and learns how to deal with the winter and winter driving.  The library staff learns ways to get the books back. Lately I have been learning different ways to attract student to the library. the listservs have been buzzing with ideas from cool libraries with neat ways to get the students in there. One library did laser tag (incidentally I told my college age brother who does not like his college library this idea and he would go in the library if there was laser tag) dance parties, video games, etc. In my library we used to do a little something at the beginning of the fall and we did not do that this year and the attendance dropped.  Lately I have been reading a good amount on how to best serve users. Something has been hitting me as I peruse the cornucopia of articles on technology and social networking, etc. The basis for all of these services is human interaction. If a patron comes in and is not treated well then all of the technological gizmos in the world will have zero impact. Jenica Rogers Urbanek wrote a great post about users and how willing we are to help them if they just ask. It is one thing to hear about what the library can do for you and it is another thing to experience the power of a helpful librarian or staff member. For example, I helped the student search the catalog. Then the student was perusing the stacks and could not find anything she was looking for so she came to me for assistance. In a matter of seconds I located the book she was searching for. She then looked at me with wide eyes and said how did you do that? (Like I had just pulled a rabbit from a hat) I then explained to her the basics of the Dewey Decimal System, but what I really wanted to do was tell her I’m a librarian and I have superpowers. A week later a bunch of students came in the library and said are you the one who can help us find stuff, so and so said you are really good. The point is if we take the opportunities to show the users we are here for them, then they will be more apt to use our services. We need to show them we can fly! (to their assistance anyway)